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Digital transformation advisory for corporate

Digital can be very broad for many companies wanting to transform their core assets and business to Digital and often they will spend their budget on non-essential services and digitization leading to huge wastage and half baked implementation.


Fully Customised Website and E-Commerce

A great website is essential to your brand, company & product. It act as a showroom to display  your product & services. A great website that offer your visitor a great & rich experience. Google love good website and Google Search rewards great website with high SEO ranking and Organic search result.



Self managed E-Commerce website for SMEs

Not all E-Commerce page build the same, some require a retainer and subscription to maintain your page, some have over complicated dashboard that require a scientist to update the product and make changes.

We are going to change all this by creating a friendly CMS and all in one dashboard to maintain your E-Commerce, if you can use Facebook or Instagram, You can surely know how to maintain your E-Commerce!

Marketplace Setup (Lazada & Shopee)

Many customer wanted to sell online via Shopee / Lazada but overwhelm with their initial store setup.

Talk to us today and we will help you setup your store, upload your photo and description so you can focus on selling and make money right away!



Business intelligence reporting & dashboard

Would it be nice to have all the reporting ready for you, you seen it in the movies but now you can experience it with CR8TIVO’s Business Intelligence Dashboard!

Have all your departments status in realtime, track company health and performance for all department without stepping into the office.

Mobile Apps Development

We provide mobile app development for your services or company from simple app to a very complicated ones. we have expertise in Native development & React Native.



Codeless Mobile App Prototyping

Talk to us today, where we can develop your custom mobile app without the use of Code, get your mobile app up and running at the shortest time possible and save half the price compared to traditional app development.

Web-App development

Internet of Things

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