The Courses

CR8TIVO Sdn Bhd provide courses & training to SMEs, our approach is different as our trainers are actual business owners themself providing actual services.

Learn actual knowledge from business owners and professionals

E-Commerce Entrepreneurship

E-Commerce entrepreneurship is design to equipped traditional business owners to take up E-Commerce as the next evolution towards their businesses.

Cross Border E-Commerce

Cross Border E-Commerce Training enables Malaysia SMEs to gain access to global market via regional based E-commerce platform

Data Driven Organization

Currently most companies are producing reports which is descriptive analytics Companies need to be more proactive and deploy predictive and prescriptive analytics leveraging on existing data to have more competitive advantage

Digital Transformation with Smart Apps

Learn how to build mobile apps without the knowledge of coding. Great for rapid prototyping and validation of ideas, Create a basic apps to run campaign or a more permanent apps for your company.

Entrepreneur Essential Skills

Thinking about starting your own business?
Or you feel you need to do better for your business?
This course is right for you. Learn Essential Skills so you can manage your business successfully.
Learn to identify your source of revenue with Business Model Canvas and many more

Digital Performance Marketing & Digital Marketing

Learn the fundamentals of a successful digital advertising. Many people tried to advertise on Facebook and Google and many give up when they invest thousands of ringgit into advertising and return zero “0” result.
Make your ads work for you in this course where we learn the skill of creating a good ads, optimization, targeting, pixel and analytics

Branding & Photography Workshop

Branding is the most essential of business where a great brand direction not only save money but will elevate a business to the next level.
Learn self-branding and brand yourself, learn corporate branding and product branding.
Elevate your product and brand with advance photography workshop.